WordPress Page Management Patch

The Pages feature of WordPress allows it to be used as a lightweight CMS. Unfortunately its implementation can leave a lot to be desired, and it's clear that it was never envisioned that a single install would have more than a few dozen Pages. When an install reaches a large number of Pages, the Page Management screen becomes unbearably slow to load, easily taking 30 seconds or more. More critically, when there are hundreds of Pages the screen will often fail to load completely, either by timing out or because of a php memory_limit error.

There are two version of the patch, one compatible with the 2.1.x branch of WordPress, and another compatible with the 2.0.x branch. (Make sure you download the correct version!) Currently there is no version tested with the 2.2.x branch. They are modifications of a patch previously released by the creator of LightPress, and will display everything exactly as the original Page Management screen does. The only difference you will notice is that the page takes one second to load instead of 30!


(Note: If you require a fix for a WordPress 1.5.x version, download the patch from LightPress.)


  1. Backup edit-pages.php in the wp-admin directory of your WordPress installation, either by renaming it or downloading it to your computer.
  2. Upload the new edit-pages.php to the wp-admin directory of your WordPress installation.
  3. That's it, you're done!

(Note: If for some reason there is a problem, simply replace the new edit-pages.php with your backup copy.)

Warning: This file precludes the use of the page_rows() function in wp-admin/admin-functions.php, so if you have made any modifications that require this function to be run, they will no longer work. (99% certain you won't have to worry about this.)